The company has long engaged in the design and manufacture of aviation ground of non-standard equipment, various types of aircraft spare parts mold, model aircraft, aircraft maintenance tooling, machine dock, hangar doors, grid structure
Add: Liantang Industrial Park, Qingpu District, Shanghai No. 1
Tel: 021-59813333
Fax: 021-59810555
Phone: 13817475433
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Shanghai CaiCai Aircraft Support Equipment Co.,Ltd. (Formerly known as shanghai Puheng Aircraft Ground support Equipment Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Puhang Aircraft Ground Support Equipment Factory, Shanghai Puhang Machinery Factory), a professional company specialized in aviation equipment, designed and manufacture of special ground support equipment, various kinds of the mold for aircraft parts, assembly jig, maintenance tools, docks, hangar door and mesh structure. It is also the professional company who can design and manufacture large scale plane docks in China.


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